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Brookfield Zoo is celebrating May as Dolphin Month

In celebration of our commitment to dolphins, including our two dolphin calves and our field research project in Sarasota, Fla. this month, Brookfield Zoo is celebrating May as Dolphin Month.

For more than 50 years our experienced veterinary and animal care staff has provided exceptional care to the dolphins that reside at Brookfield Zoo. As you may recall, earlier this year we intervened to provide necessary, lifesaving neonatal care to Magic, a calf whose mother was not providing adequate maternal care following his birth. At the time we knew that successfully hand-rearing a dolphin calf was rare but we are delighted that six months later the calf continues to grow and gain weight.

We encourage zoo guests to come out and visit our eight bottlenose dolphins at the Seven Seas exhibit, including:

• Magic, male, born at Brookfield Zoo October 28, 2013
• Merlin, male, born at Brookfield Zoo October 16, 2013
• Allison, 8, female
• Noelani, 10, female
• Spree, 11, female
• Allie, 26, female
• Chinook, 31, male
• Tapeko, 32, female

While watching our dolphins interact with each other and our expert trainers or attending the educational presentation, zoo guests can learn about dolphin behavior, the challenges dolphins face in the wild and what we can all do to help wild dolphin populations, because we love dolphins.

In fact, the Chicago Zoological Society leads the world’s longest-running study of a wild dolphin population. The Sarasota Dolphin Research Program based in Sarasota, Fla. is directed by Randy Wells, Ph.D., a senior conservation scientist for the Society. This month Dr. Wells will resume his seasonal field research, which tracks many aspects of dolphin biology by collecting data from a population of 150 dolphins that reside in Sarasota Bay. The data collected are repeatedly used in scientific studies and in the care practices that we provide to the dolphins here at Brookfield Zoo.

Visit our Dolphin Month webpage for fun facts about bottlenose dolphins, information on Brookfield Zoo’s dolphin conservation efforts in the wild and how you can help bottlenose dolphins.