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Before you settle settle down for your own Thanksgiving Day meal on Thursday, November 25, you can head to Brookfield Zoo and join zookeepers in serving a Thanksgiving Day feast to some of the animals.

The 12 noon event, which takes place in Children’s Zoo, allows guests to assist zoo staff in feeding tasty, nutritious treats to some of the domestic animals, including a miniature horse, miniature donkey, llamas, reindeer, cows, goats, sheep, ducks, and geese.
The menu for the day for zoo animals will feature apples, carrots, sweet corn, oranges, timothy hay, alfalfa, hog chow, grapes, lettuce, bananas, and duck chow.

Afterward, you can also watch as zookeepers feed some of the not-so-tame animals like the hawks, owls, woodchucks, and raccoons. Children’s Zoo is free through March 1, 2010.