Tuesday Orangutan Conference Proceedings
The following downloads are available for each presentation in either Adobe PDF (pdf) or PowerPoint (ppt) form. The download time will depend on your modem's connection speed (dial-up vs. dsl vs. cable) and the size of the file.

Orangutan SSP Overview (ppt)
Orangutan SSP Overview (pdf)

Orangutan Crisis Coalition (pdf)
Orangutan Crisis Coalition (ppt)

Orangutan Husbandry Trends 15 years (pdf)
Orangutan Husbandry Trends 15 years (ppt)

Conference Aids Critically Endangered Canines

African Painted Dog Experts Meet

Experts who are working from around the world to help save critically endangered African painted dogs will meet April 29 to May 2 for a conference at Brookfield Zoo, which is managed by the Chicago Zoological Society (CZS). The African painted dog is critically endangered due to habitat loss, human encroachment...
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