Big Cats

Big Cats



African Lion

Amur Tiger

Snow Leopard

  • African Lion
  • Amur Tiger
  • Snow Leopard
Imagine visiting Big Cats and finding an African lion lounging on the rocks, just inches away from the gasps of visitors. His roar can often be heard resounding in the afternoon sun. Tigers prowl and splash in their stream, perhaps following a scented trail. The shaggy brown sloth bear blends in with the shade, while Amur leopards and snow leopards perch gracefully overhead.  
The exhibit is part of The Fragile Kingdom, an area made up of three very different habitats featuring an array of animals—some familiar and others unusual. Look in the trees, on the ground, and in the shadows to find incredible species that are able to survive in harsh conditions.  
Enjoy your immersion into this ecosystem, and continue on to the Fragile Rain Forest and the Fragile Desert. 

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