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Black Rhinoceros

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  • Black Rhinoceros
  • Lowland Tapir
  • Pygmy Hippo
Imagine taking care of animals that weigh more than a ton! Where would they sleep? How would you feed them? What if they need a bath?
Staff at Pachyderm House know the answers to these big questions. Keepers work with the black rhinos and tapirs every day, training them in a variety of behaviors that allow the zoo to provide the best care.  
In cooler weather, the animals live indoors and guests can stand within a few feet away. In summertime, many pachyderms head to their outdoor pools to keep cool. A large platform overlooking the hippos grants a great view.
Also watch for the tapir taking a swim or the pygmy hippo napping in its mud wall or check out the rhinos as they beat the heat with a roll around in the dust, which cools them down, protects their sensitive skin, and keeps the bugs from biting.
Indoors or out, keepers closely monitor the health and well-being of these massive mammals. A big part of their care involves scientific study and research, such as the groundbreaking investigations CZS has made into rhino nutrition and breeding.

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