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 Featured Creatures

Kecil_STC.jpgKecil Orangutan was born January 11, 2014. He arrived at Brookfield Zoo this past June to be introduced to his surrogate mom, 53-year-old Maggie, after his biological mother showed little interest in caring for him. With Maggie's calm demeanor and prior success as a surrogate, she is able to find room in her life to care for another's offspring. When you adopt Kecil, you'll be helping Brookfield Zoo provide the very best in animal care and nutrition to Kecil and all of Brookfield Zoo's animals. Adopt Kecil Orangutan.

Magic_STC.jpgMagic Bottlenose Dolphin was born October 28, 2013. He was hand-reared by dedicated caregivers when his mom, Spree, did not provide adequate maternal care following his birth. Today, Magic is doing well and has been successfully introduced to another young dolphin, Merlin, and his mom, Tapeko. Adopt Magic Bottlenose Dolphin.

Potoka Giraffe
has a curious, sweet, and laid-back personality, and this one-year-old reticulated giraffe is a favorite among the keeper staff at Habitat Africa! The Savannah. (He seems to think keepers are part of his herd! He enjoys receiving treats and scratches from them.) An adoption of Potoka is the perfect gift for someone in your life with the same personality. Just purchase one of the package options below.
Adopt Potoka Giraffe.

Nora_STC.jpgNora Western Lowland Gorilla is still clinging close to mom, Koola. She was born on November 4, 2013. Western lowland gorillas are considered critically endangered in the wild. As part of our participation in the Species Survival Plan, an inter-zoo managed breeding program, we are contributing to the overall welfare of this species. Adopt  western lowland baby gorilla.



Adoption Packages

Basic Package $35 (For all Featured Creatures)
  • 5”x 7” color photograph of selected animal in display frame
  • Personalized certificate of adoption
  • Species fact sheet
  • Share the Care Program decal
  • Invitation to the exclusive Share the Care Evening in summer 2015 (ticket purchase required)
Plush Package $65 (Available for Magic, Potoka and Nora)
  • All the benefits of the Basic Package
  • Plush animal of selected species
  • 4 Free tickets to Share the Care Evening in summer 2015
Plush Package $70 (Available for Kecil)
  • All the benefits of the Basic Package
  • Kecil holiday ornament
  • Plush orangutan
  • 4 Free tickets to Share the Care Evening in summer 2015
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