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Dwarf Mongoose Pups Born at Brookfield Zoo with mom "Tavi"
The Chicago Zoological Society is happy to announce the birth of a litter of Dwarf Mongoose puppies at Brookfield Zoo’s Habitat Africa: Kopje. The litter was born on September 13 to female “Tavi” and the dominant male in the group. This is Tavi’s first litter and the puppies are now out of the nest cavity and actively visible on exhibit. The family group includes the adult female Tavi, two adult males (Eugene and Gimbi) and three puppies.

Dwarf Mongoose are gregarious, social animals. The adult males are stay-at-home-dad types and will protect the youngsters while the mother is away foraging. They are found in the dry open savannahs, woodlands, and brush of Africa and use underground den sites in the roots of trees or termite mounds for shelter and to give birth.

The young pups are born blind but develop quickly. Their eyes open at 13 days and they are weaned onto solid food at six to seven weeks. In the wild they eat insects, spiders, scorpions, snakes and eggs. The pups have already been seen eating small mealworms and the occasional insect at the zoo.

Brookfield Zoo has had Dwarf Mongoose since 1993 and this is one of many litters that have been born here. This species is managed under a Species Survival Plan (SSP) through the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, and Brookfield Zoo is one of 12 North American zoos that have this species.