Chicago Zoological Society
2010-2015 Strategic Plan

The Chicago Zoological Society was founded in 1921 on the premise that the future of people and nature are intertwined, and with the purpose of enhancing the relationship between the two by further connecting people with wildlife at the Brookfield Zoo. The decisions we make as individuals and as a society regarding the natural world will have a profound impact on our future and that of our children. Never has it been more important to understand our connection with the natural world and realize that the choices we make may alter the world forever.

Bison at Brookfield Zoo

The Strategic Plan is outlined under the Society’s four “Pillars” that define the Society’s institutional priorities:
  • Innovations and Excellence in Conservation, Education and Research
  • Extraordinary Guest Experience
  • Institution of Choice
  • Sustainable Future
Ten-Year Strategic Outcomes were developed in 2005 for each of these Pillars and revised in 2009 for clarity and relevance to the present. These Outcomes form the basis of our Strategic Plan. A detailed Work Plan is an addendum to this document – outlining specific projects and initiatives which we will accomplish in achieving our 10-Year Outcomes. Some of these special projects and key initiatives are listed with each Outcome to help provide an overview of our focus for the next few years.

Click here or the photo above to access a PDF of the Strategic Plan.