Conservation Fund at Brookfield Zoo

Conservation Fund: You Can Help!Donate to the Conservation Fund
Money raised through the Conservation Fund goes toward the Chicago Zoological Society's conservation research and education efforts at Brookfield Zoo and around the world providing funding for two major programs:

  • Center for the Science of Animal Welfare: this ground-breaking program advances and improves world-wide animal management and welfare by integrating veterinary medicine, nutrition, enrichment, endocrinology, behavioral monitoring, and animal husbandry.

  • Center for Conservation Leadership: this award-winning program connects and engages people in conservation and provides educational opportunities for teachers, students, and under-served communities here and around the world.

Combat Global Warming: Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
You can calculate your household's carbon footprint below, and discover lots of ways you can conserve around the home and lighten your ecological imprint by going to our Calculate My Carbon Footprint.


The Conservation Fund will encompass many field programs and habitat restoration efforts, locally and world-wide.  With your support, we can engage in programs such as:

Jump into Conservation on  a Personal Level!

Volunteer to Help Chicagoland Nature
April is National Volunteer Month and a great time of year to spring into action! Go to Chicago Environmental Network (CEN) to find lots of volunteer opportunities.

Support Healthy Oceans with Seafood Choices
Brookfield Zoo has partnered with Monterey Bay Aquarium to promote ocean-friendly seafood choices. You can support healthy, abundant oceans by following the recommendations of Seafood Watch® and by choosing seafood that's fished or farmed in ways that don't harm the environment.

Visit to find out how you can help. View seafood by region, download the app, learn about great sushi choices, and find ways to educate your friends and family.