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Today, June 4, more than 200 guests joined in a Chicago Blackhawks fan group photo today at Brookfield Zoo. The zoo offered FREE admission to any adult or child guest, who was wearing apparel with an official Chicago Blackhawks logo.

On June 2, Hudson, a 3-year-old polar bear at Brookfield Zoo, showed his support for the Chicago Blackhawks by chomping and clawing at huge carved ice pucks with the Flyers logo. The zoo’s executive chef carved the approximately 250-pound pucks complete with the raised diamond-shaped grooves and the keepers gave the logos color with some of Hudson’s favorite treats, including raisins, blueberries, fish, meat, blackberry jam, cantaloupe, and orange drink. When let out into his habitat this morning, Hudson went right for the Flyers ice pucks and started to devour them.