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Free Recycling Event

Sunday, April 27
12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
North Parking Lot

Free Recycling: Electronics, Bicycles, Shoes, & Soccer Balls

Celebrate Earth Day at Brookfield Zoo by recycling your old unwanted electronics, bicycles, shoes, and soccer balls for FREE and then enjoy our Party for the Planet.* Plus, receive free parking in the North Parking lot if you bring an approved item to recycle that day.

Electronic Recycling
Did you know that nearly 60% of all electronics can be reused and the other 40% get recycled back to their original raw state? Vintage-Tech-logo-(3).jpgCertain electronics such as monitors and circuit boards contain toxic substances like lead, mercury, and chromium. When these heavy metals get dumped into the solid waste stream it becomes a concern with state and local officials since they pose an environmental risk. Electronic recycling is a great solution. Also, electronic waste is now banned from Illinois landfills and may not be discarded in your regular trash.

Items being accepted are:
Computers (and parts)
Computer peripherals (mouse, keyboards)
Fax machines
DVD players/recorders
Stereo equipment
Video game consoles
Cellphones and accessories
Mp3 and iPods
Telephones and accessories

Items NOT accepted include:
Toaster Ovens
Hair Dryers
Curling Irons
Cash Registers
UPS Batteries
Electric Power Tools

Bicycle Recycling
Give your old bikes new homes! Drop off your old bicycles and Working Bikes will donate them to Chicago communities and overseas.

workingbikes.jpgWorking Bikes is a not-for-profit organizatin that was started in 1999 by a group of volunteers dedicated to recycling bikes, supporting bike culture, and helping international and local projects. Since its inception, Working Bikes has recovered tens of thousands of discarded and donated bicycles from Chicago and the Midwest, and has redistributed more than 38,000 of them worldwide.

Items being accepted are:
Bicycle parts
Sewing machines

Shoes & Soccer Ball Recycling
Combination-Soles_100px.jpgKiwanis International has recognized “Soles for Kids” as one of its most significant charitable service projects. They collect used, not abused, shoes and soccer balls to distribute to children worldwide in Botswana, Tanzania, Haiti, Dominican Republic and western United States. Having shipped over 12,500 pairs of great shoes around the world this mission has an opportunity to also serve in the USA and Canada....children everywhere could use a little tenderness. It’s a really big neighborhood we live in, let’s tend it together.

*Recycling event is free. Regular zoo admission applies to Party for the Planet.