Charles Grey Seal at Pinniped Point
Nearly 3-month-old Charles Grey Seal can now be seen on exhibit at Pinniped Point in the pool closest to The Fragile Kingdom. Currently keeping him company is Mango Habor Seal. Over the course of the next few months, he will be introduced to other members of the harbor seal and grey seal groups. Charles was born on January 1, 2014 at Brookfield Zoo.

Gorilla Baby at Tropic World

After two weeks of asking for the public’s help in naming a 4-month-old female gorilla infant at Brookfield Zoo, the Chicago Zoological Society announced the winning name: Nora, which means “honor” or “light.”

Nora was born on November 4, 2013, to 18-year-old mom Koola. Guests can see Nora and Koola and the rest of the gorilla family daily in Tropic World: Africa exhibit.

Children's Zoo
Please note that Children's Zoo is now permanently closed as we plan construction of a new family exhibit in the same spot. The design of this new exhibit is currently being finalized but we will have great interactive experiences for all ages in the new area. We will share more about the new exhibit as soon as possible.