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The American Association of Zookeepers got its start at the San Diego Zoo in 1967, when zookeepers wanted to develop a way to continue their education and share their knowledge with their peers. Forming a nonprofit organization also enabled keepers in North America to organize national and regional conferences for zookeepers. Fundraising to support keeper conference attendance and local and international conservation organizations is another important function.

Local chapters were developed, which allowed keepers at different institutions to control where the funds they raised was utilized. These chapters also sponsor fun events like keeper picnics, dinners, and Bowling for Rhinos (BFR). Anyone can participate in BFR, which is an annual, hugely successful fundraising event. All of the proceeds support the conservation of rhino (and other important animal and plant species') habitat in Asia and Africa.

The national AAZK organization publishes the monthly journal, "The Animal Keepers' Forum."


Brookfield AAZK
Chapter mission statement:

Dedicated to zoo keeper professional growth, enhancing animal care, promoting public awareness, and contributing to conservation through fundraising and stewardship.

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Some of the highlights of our achievements since our chapter formed in 2004:


  • We raised $500 for the International Snow Leopard Trust.
  • Raised money for SOS Rhino by selling plant seed packets on Earth Day, and hosting a rock climbing wall during "Hug a Bug" weekend.
  • We have had social outings with the Lincoln Park chapter, and helped them with hosting their 2006 AAZK conference.
  • Had special topic lunchtime meetings about animal training.
  • Hosted a fundraiser to support the Audubon institute, which was heavily effected by Hurricane Katrina. All zoo staff and volunteers were invited to attend to participate in a raffle and bid on animal- and zoo-related silent auction items. We raised $3,350!

  • We devote a special day each year to going outside and helping to clean up the environment!
  • We raise money for keeper development by sending them to both national and international conferences!
  • We have an annual spaghetti dinner with all proceeds donated to conservation.
  • We also have an annual Bowling for Rhinos event with all proceeds donated to Rhino conservation. To date we have raised over $18,000!