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Nature Swap
The Nature Swap has collections of cool stuff from nature. You're invited to come in and explore whatís here, to learn about nature, and to become a responsible collector yourself!

What Is the Nature Swap?
Itís a place to bring cool natural things you have found (not purchased) and swap them for things found in the Nature Swap at the Hamill Family Play Zoo.

How Does It Work?
Trading is based on points earned through an official swap session with a Family Play Zoo Play Partner. You can earn points for:
  • bringing in natural materials (no more than 5 per visit).
  • sharing your knowledge of your natural things.
  • telling us a story about your natural thing or how it makes you feel.
  • showing us a new entry in your own nature journal or contributing to ours.
Once your have earned your points during your swap session, you can use them to trade for other natural things you find in our collection or save up your points for a future visit.

What's New?
Works in the works
Nature Swap
Things You Can Trade
  • Rocks

  • Shells (make sure they are empty)

  • Dried or pressed plants

  • Pinecones

  • Nature journal entries such as photos, drawings, or stories

  • Sand

  • Dirt

  • Seeds or seed pods

  • Wood and bark

  • Snake sheds (not from pet snakes)

  • Bones (must be clean)

  • Dead insects, spiders, and exoskeletons from bugs, butterflies, and crustaceans

  • Antlers

  • Animal teeth

  • Fossils

  • Casts of animal footprints
Important Collecting Information Never collect in national and state parks, nature preserves, or other areas where
natural materials are protected. Never collect any natural materials that are protected by local, state, national, or international laws. If you arenít sure, ask!

When collecting, choose your items carefully and leave lots of other natural items for other people to find.

Things You Canít Trade
  • Materials found on the zoo grounds

  • Bird materials: feathers, eggs, or nests

  • Living plants and animals

  • Cave materials

  • Freshwater mussel shells

  • Arrowheads

  • Petrified wood

  • Road kill (dead animals; if itís gross or smells, leave it in nature)
If you are not sure if your things are tradable, just ask us.

Enjoy the Nature Swap collection and have fun starting your own!

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