The EthoTrak Team

EthoTrak was developed in 2004. Unique in its ability to promote multi-institution collaboration, EthoTrak is the product of a partnership between animal behavior scientists and IT specialists. The EthoTrak team works together in all aspects of the project from implementation to ensuring that this unique tool remains timely.
B. Todd Oakley
Todd came to CZS mid 2001. He has served many roles, from programmer to temporary network administrator to project manager. He currenlty overseas most technology projects at CZS including application development and system implementation. He has been working with EthoTrak since the early days of its inception and has been instrumental in taking it from a single site observation tool to a system that has already brought many institutions to a common ground of understanding and cooperation in behavioural research.

One of the things that drives him is the pursuit of solving problems. Whether business process efficiencies or new system implementations, he thoroughly enjoys learning the intricacies and requirements of the client/partner.
Jason Watters
Jason Watters has been the Behavioral Research manager at Brookfield Zoo since September 2006. Jason completed his PhD at University of California, Davis in 2003. Following his PhD, Jason was lucky enough to remain at UC Davis and perform post-doctoral research before leaving for Brookfield. He has studied many species and the primary focus of his research program is to understand the causes and consequences of behavioral types (often referred to as animal personalities). Other relevant experience includes attending Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal Training and Management Program, internships in several zoos, and holding a senior aquarist position at a public aquarium.

Zaldy Apura
Zaldy Apura started working for Chicago Zoological Society at Brookfield Zoo in late fall of 2001 as a freelance web developer to be part of a team to design and develop the ecommerce system for In June of 2002, he became a full-time Programmer/Analyst. During his fist three full-time years at the zoo, Zaldy focused in unifying elements of the organizations IS infrastructure and developing the first institutional intranet site. Zaldy is a big fan in centralizing data and user channels for better system integration through the use of assorted web technologies. He has been involved in several dotcom projects that allowed him to design and develop web applications such as discussion boards, content management systems, web catalogs, survey tools, and other web modules. Now in his 9th year in the computer industry, he still enjoys getting his "hands dirty" by programming and figuring out the right technology solutions for real-world problems.