What Is Zoo Accreditation and Why Is it Important?

One thing that most visitors arriving at Brookfield Zoo may not know is that the zoo is accredited by several professional organizations. Receiving accreditation means the zoo has been evaluated independently by the accrediting organization and has met or exceeded standards.

posted 8/21/2021 11:48:31 AM

Feathered Tales: Bird Furniture

In last month’s Feathered Tales blog, we talked about how birds were paired for their respective breeding seasons. Now that the feathered couples are moved in together, it’s time to talk about what sort of “furniture” makes their habitat a “home.”

posted 8/18/2021 11:07:37 AM

Keeping Cool with Polar Bear Science

It’s August and we’re officially in the hottest part of the year, which means the cicadas are buzzing and a dip in the lake is looking more and more tempting. Observing polar bear behavior, the summer months mean we are frequently asked the same question: aren’t the animals too hot? 

posted 8/12/2021 11:14:01 AM

Why Is Tropic World: Africa Currently Closed?

The Western lowland gorilla troop have always been a fan favorite here at Brookfield Zoo. However, you may have noticed that, at this time, Tropic World: Africa is closed. But why can’t guests see the gorillas right now? That’s a great question.

posted 8/3/2021 10:42:32 AM

CZS & Brookfield Zoo

Since the opening of Brookfield Zoo in 1934, the Chicago Zoological Society has had an international reputation for taking a cutting-edge role in animal care and conservation of the natural world. Learn more about the animals, people, and research that make up CZS here at our blog.

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