#LoboWeek 2018

Happy Lobo Week! In March 1998, 11 captive-reared Mexican wolves were released to the wild in Arizona and New Mexico, their ancestral home from which they had been missing for over 30 years. This month marks the 20th anniversary of the historic first release efforts which restored this unique gray wolf species to the mountains of the southwest.  The Chicago Zoological Society at Brookfield Zoo is celebrating #loboweek by sharing some facts about the Mexican wolf recovery program.

posted 3/26/2018 10:45:29 AM

Humboldt Penguin Chick Born at Brookfield Zoo

A Humboldt penguin chick that hatched on February 12 at Brookfield Zoo is thriving, and in the near future, may be taking on an important role. As early as this May, and depending on whether he chooses to participate, the unnamed chick will be an animal ambassador for the zoo’s Penguin Encounters.

posted 3/21/2018 2:34:08 PM

Imagine Yourself as a Humboldt Penguin

Close your eyes and imagine you are a Humboldt penguin at Brookfield Zoo. You just got your fishy breakfast and now standing on the rocky shores. You’re trying to decide if you want to walk around for a bit or to go into the pool for a swim…until you see it. An enrichment item is right there in front of you, and you excitedly go over and investigate it. What kind of enrichment were you picturing? 

posted 3/5/2018 12:05:23 PM

CZS & Brookfield Zoo

Since the opening of Brookfield Zoo in 1934, the Chicago Zoological Society has had an international reputation for taking a cutting-edge role in animal care and conservation of the natural world. Learn more about the animals, people, and research that make up CZS here at our blog.

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