african dwarf crocodile

Osteolaemus tetraspis

Body Length:Less than 6'
Weight:40–70 lbs
Geographic Distribution:Central and western Africa
Habitat:Forested areas, usually in swamps or slow-moving streams
Wild Diet:Believed to eat fish, frogs, and crustaceans; they also may catch small land animals
Zoo Diet:Rats and mice
Status in the Wild:Vulnerable

Location:Habitat Africa! The Forest

The dwarf crocodile, a seldom-seen African crocodile, lives in swamps and prefers still water to moving water. The skin of adult dwarf crocodiles is almost entirely black on the back and sides with some yellow areas on the belly. True to their name, dwarf crocodiles are among the shortest crocodilians; they are usually less than 6 feet long from snout to tail. Dwarf crocodiles also have a relatively short snout. Their body is heavily armored by hard, bony scales to protect it from larger predators.