African Red-Billed Hornbill

Tockus erythrorhynchus

Body Length:19.5"
Tail Length:7"
Weight:4.5–7 oz
Geographic Distribution:Central to west-central Africa
Habitat:Open savannah, woodlands, and thorn scrub
Wild Diet:Fruit, bulbs, beetles, grasshoppers, and insect larvae
Zoo Diet:Commercial softbill pellet, fruit, vegetables, insects, and mice
Status in the Wild:Least Concern
Location:Habitat Africa! The Forest

They are sexually dimorphic (have two distinct gender forms); males are slightly larger and have a larger, thicker, and different colored bill. Both sexes are black and white with an off-white head, red-orange bill, and pink skin around their yellow or brown eyes. They also have black legs and feet. Their wingspan is 12.5 to 15.2 inches. Juvenile red-billed hornbills look very similar to adults but have a smaller bill that is plain and brownish-yellow.