Bat-Eared Fox

Otocyon megalotis

Body Length:18"–24"
Tail Length: 9"13.5"
Height:11.815.7" at the shoulder
Weight:511 lbs
Geographic Distribution:East Africa: Ethiopia,Southern Sudan, Tanzania; and Southern Africa: Kalahari Desert
Habitat:Arid grasslands, savannas, brush country, and deserts
Wild Diet:Termites, dung beetles and other arthropods, mice, and lizards
Zoo Diet:Commercial canine chow, crickets, mice, ribs, chopped fruit, and vegetables
Status in the Wild:Least Concern
Location:Desert's Edge

The upper body of the bat-eared fox is yellow-brown to gray. The throat, under parts, and inside of the ears are pale, while the outside of the ears, mask, lower legs, feet, and tail tip are black. The outer ears are very large and aid in directional hearing. The fur is long, soft, and thick. Their legs are relatively short. The teeth and associated jaw muscles appear to be adapted for rapidly chewing insect prey.