Blue-Billed Curassow

Crax alberti

Body Length: 2'6"–3'
Weight: 7 lbs–8 lbs
Geographic Distribution:Northern Colombia
Habitat:Tropical rainforest
Wild Diet: Fruits and greens
Zoo Diet:Example: Commercial softbill pellet, fruit, vegetables, insects, and mice
Status in the Wild:Critically Endangered
Location:Feathers and Scales

During mating season, male blue-billed curassows puff up their chests and make a low booming call to attract females.

Males are typically larger than a female with an inky black feathers and a white underside. Females are black with thin black and white striping on their wings and a brown underside. Both males and females have curly black feathers atop their crest and blue cere, the fleshy material at the base of their beak.