Crested Wood Partridge

Rollulus rouloul

Body Length:Up to 10"
Geographic Distribution:Southeast Asia
Habitat:Tropical rainforests and bamboo thickets
Wild Diet:Insects, seeds, and fruit
Zoo Diet:Leaves, grain, duck pellets and game bird maintenance
Status in the Wild:Near Threatened
Location:Feathers and Scales

Crested wood partridges are sexually dimorphic (have two distinct gender forms). The male is slightly larger than the female, and is metallic green with a glossy blue underside, a brownish wing panel, a white spot on the forehead, and a tall red crest with black frontal bristles. The female is dark green with brown wing coverts and a bristled, slate-gray head. However, both sexes have bright red skin around their eyes and on their legs and beak. They are rotund, short-tailed birds.