Dwarf Mongoose

Helogale parvula

Body Length: 7–10"
Tail Length:5–8"
Weight:7–12 oz.
Geographic Distribution:Ethiopia to Angola and eastern South Africa
Habitat:Dry open savannahs, woodlands, brush country, and mountain scrub
Wild Diet:Adult and larval beetles, termites, crickets, grasshoppers, spiders, scorpions, snakes, eggs, and rats
Zoo Diet:Canned cat food and dog chow and occasionally mice, smelt, ribs, crickets, and raw or steamed vegetables
Status in the Wild:Least Concern
Location:Habitat Africa! The Savannah

Dwarf mongoose coloration varies from reddish-tan to dark brown. The lower parts of their long bodies are only slightly paler. They have smooth coats, short legs, and small, rounded ears. They have 5 toes on each hairless foot and non-retractable claws. Their teeth are adapted for an insect diet. For scent marking, they have well-developed anal and cheek glands.