Galapagos Tortoise

Chelonoidis niger vicina

Body Length:6'
Weight:Males: 600 - 700 lbs; Females: 300 - 400 lbs
Geographic Distribution:In the Galapagos Islands, around the Cerro Azul volcano ridge on Isabela Island
Wild Diet:Cacti, grasses, flowers, and fruits
Zoo Diet:Example: Commercial softbill pellet, fruit, vegetables, insects, and mice
Status in the Wild:Endangered

The tortoises have large, bony, dull-brown upper shell. The plates of the shell are fused with the ribs in a rigid protective structure that is integral to the skeleton. Throughout the tortoises' life, the shell retains a characteristic segment pattern. The tortoises can withdraw their head, neck, and forelegs into their shell for protection. Their legs are large and stumpy, with dry, scaly skin and hard scales. They have five claws on their front feet and four claws on their rear feet.