Grevy's Zebra

Equus grevyi

Body Length: 8–9'
Weight: 770–990 lbs.
Geographic Distribution:Kenya and Ethiopia
Habitat:Dry, semi-desert regions in grass/shrubland
Wild Diet:Forbs, grasses
Zoo Diet:Grain, carrots, and free choice hay
Status in the Wild:Endangered
Location:Hoofed Animals

Grevy's zebras have large heads, erect manes, and round ears. They have narrow, concentric stripes as well as a thick black line that goes down their spine. These stripes are set very close together and are vertical until the hindquarters begin; the stripes are horizontal down their legs. Their bellies are white, without stripes. Their manes stand straight up and are striped with the white and black colors on their bodies.
• Stripes of zebras are like fingerprints. They are different for each zebra.
• Foals can run 40 mph 1 hour after their birth.
• They are named after Francois Paul Jules Grevy, who was the President of France from 1879 to 1897.
• Their striped hide was popular in the 1970s; they were almost killed off for fashion. • They are the largest of all the wild equids.
• Most Grevy's zebras live outside of national parks on communal lands, making community participation in their conservation critical.