Reticulated Python 

Python reticulatus

Body Length:Averages 10'–20'
Weight:250 lbs
Geographic Distribution: Throughout Southeast Asia, including the Nicobar Islands, Burma, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and throughout Indonesia and the Phillipines
Habitat:Tropical rain forests near rivers and lakes
Wild Diet:Carnivorous 
Zoo Diet:Rabbits 
Status in the Wild:Least Concern
Location:Reptiles and Birds

The pythons are sexually dimorphic (have two distinct gender forms); females are larger in length and weight, but their coloration is similar to males'. They have a species-specific, complex color pattern. Their background color is light to dark brown, with a reticulated (net-like) pattern of black, yellow, and buff. There is a double row of triangular or diamond-shaped white patches along their flank. Their size, weight, and coloration are the most striking features, along with the capacity to consume large prey such as monkeys and deer. The reticulated python is generally considered to be the world's longest snake.