Lemur catta

Body Length:Up to 18"
Tail Length:Up to 24"
Weight:5–7.5 lbs
Geographic Distribution:Madagascar
Habitat:Western Madagascar: wet forest; Southern Madagascar: dry forest
Wild Diet:Fruit, leaves, flowers, herbs and other plant parts; 70% fruit, 25% leaves, 5% bark, sap and herbs; occasionally insects and small vertebrae prey
Zoo Diet:Marion leafeater, monkey biscuits, Mazuri primate browse biscuit, sweet potatoes, carrots, and frugi fruit mix
Status in the Wild:Near Threatened
Location:Clouded Leopard Rain Forest

Ring-tailed lemurs are about the size of a house cat. Their back is gray to rosy brown, their limbs and haunches are gray, and their head and neck are dark gray. Their underside is white, and their face is white with dark triangular eye patches and a black nose. The tail is ringed with 13 alternating black and white bands, giving this lemur its common name.