Rodrigues Fruit Bat

Pteropus rodricensis

Body Length:6"–8"
Weight:0.75 lbs
Geographic Distribution:Island of Rodrigues in the western Indian Ocean (about 1,000 miles east of Madagascar)
Habitat:Rain-forest trees (primary and secondary forest)
Wild Diet:Fruit and fruit juice, pollen and nectar; mangoes, figs, and tamarind pods
Zoo Diet:Mixture of chopped fruits and vegetables, high-protein/high-fiber dry monkey chow with vitamins and minerals added
Status in the Wild:Endangered

Their wingspan is up to 3 feet. Males are slightly larger than females. Their coloration varies and includes black, silver, yellow, orange, and red. They have fox-like faces, large eyes, and large, widely spaced ears. They have no tail and a large thumb for climbing.