Small-Spotted Genet

Genetta genetta
Body Length:Males: 33.5"–41.4"; Females: 33"–40.1"
Tail Length:13"–20"
Weight:3–5.5 lbs
Geographic Distribution:Widespread in Africa and in parts of western Europe; in Africa, found in Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia and in open and dry savanna zones throughout sub-saharan Africa and in coastal areas of Arabia, Yemen, and Oman; in Europe, found in Portugal, Spain, and most of France, as well as on the Mediterranean islands of Majora, Ibiza, and Cabrera
Habitat:Primarily rocky terrain in wooded habitats near rivers and streams (other than rainforests, dense woodlands, and woodland-savanna mosaics), and other habitats where there is suitable prey
Wild Diet:Primarily small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, eggs, fish, invertebrates, and occasionally small amounts of wild fruit
Zoo Diet:Marion leafeater, monkey biscuits, Mazuri primate browse biscuit, sweet potatoes, carrots, and frugi fruit mix
Status in the Wild:Least Concern
Location:Desert's Edge

Small-spotted genets look very much like small cats; however, it is a viverrid. Males are typically larger than females. The genet's face is slightly elongated and ringed in white around their mouth. They have a relatively small head with large eyes that face forward and large ears. Their coat can vary from tan to gray and has rows of small black spots; the spot patterns are unique to each animal. Their claws are retractable. Their long, striped tail has black rings. Genets have five digits per foot and the sole of each foot is furred. They have anal scent glands that they use for marking and as a predator deterrent.