Ramphastos toco

Body Length:21"–26"
Weight:20–26 oz
Geographic Distribution:South America
Habitat:Savannah woodlands and grasslands
Diet:Small animals, insects, eggs, fruits, seeds, nuts, and grains
Status in the Wild:Least Concerned
Location:Hamill Family Play Zoo

The toco toucan's bill looks quite heavy, but it's actually quite light. The super-strong beak is made from keratin, the same material comprising human nails and hair. The inside is filled with air pockets, like foam, and acts like a radiator to control the toucan's body temperature. The toucan also uses its long beak to reach food sources that birds with shorter beaks cannot. The beak's serrated edges help the toucan hold onto food as it flies. Additionally, the bright colors on the beak are found in the flowers, fruits and trees of the toucan's natural habitat, helping provide camouflage from predators.