Amur Leopard Cubs Born at Brookfield Zoo

Two male Amur leopard cubs were born on April 18 at Brookfield Zoo. The now 8 and 9 pound, 8-week-old cubs are doing well and bonding with their mom, Lisa, behind the scenes. The cubs recently had their first wellness exam at the Brookfield Zoo Animal Hospital. It is anticipated they will be making their public debut to zoo guests in mid-July.

posted 6/19/2018 12:53:19 PM

Feline False Pregnancies: Using a Novel Approach to Diagnose Pregnancy  

As mentioned in a previous blog (September 2017), one of the most unique phenomenon faced in monitoring reproduction in felids are false-positive pregnancy results due to pseudo (false) pregnancies. Looking at only progesterone and estrogen isn’t enough, levels will go up indicating pregnancy, but in reality, the individual is not pregnant! False-positive results can occur from larger felids (e.g. tiger, leopard) to smaller (e.g. black-footed cat, domestic cat).  With no clear answer as to why false pregnancies occur, researchers have to find ways to still diagnose pregnancies with certainty.

posted 6/18/2018 1:24:08 PM

Animal Welfare: The Big Picture

The next time that you stroll across the grounds of Brookfield Zoo, we hope that you allow your mind to travel beyond Chicagoland to consider how the zoo and its residents are connected to the larger world. For instance, you can imagine yourself in the natural habitats of the zoo animals’ wild counterparts - from the rainforests of South America to the African savanna.

posted 6/5/2018 10:44:29 AM

Brookfield Zoo Welcomes Newborn Gorilla to the Family

The Chicago Zoological Society, which operates Brookfield Zoo, is happy to announce the birth of a western lowland gorilla to 23-year-old Koola on Friday, June 1. Koola has grown up in a strong, stable family group at Brookfield Zoo, where she has gained the social experience and confidence she needs to be a good mother.

posted 6/2/2018 9:35:29 AM

CZS & Brookfield Zoo

Since the opening of Brookfield Zoo in 1934, the Chicago Zoological Society has had an international reputation for taking a cutting-edge role in animal care and conservation of the natural world. Learn more about the animals, people, and research that make up CZS here at our blog.

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