The Best Holiday Magic Selfie Spots at Brookfield Zoo

The holidays are prime #SelfieSeason and Holiday Magic at Brookfield Zoo is a great place to get your necessary Instagram-worthy shots in before the new year. The zoo is 216 acres, which is a lot of ground to cover. But don't worry, we've scouted out the best selfie spots for you so you can spend less time searching and more time snapping pics and making memories.

posted 12/23/2019 3:13:09 PM

Life In The Slow Lane: The Sloths of Brookfield Zoo

If you’re in search of one of the sleepiest and slowest animals in the world, trek over to Tropic World - South America here at Brookfield Zoo. Keep your eyes peeled for a bundle of fur resting in a tree nook or curled up in an overhead basket catching some z’s. If you’re really lucky, you might even see these animals climbing on their rope bridges or having a healthy veggie snack. Who are we talking about? Sloths of course!

posted 12/20/2019 2:06:22 PM

Measuring the Individual Differences of Giraffes

Since we strive to continuously monitor the welfare of the animals here at Brookfield Zoo, we are beginning another study to examine other elements of giraffe behavior while indoors for the winter. Behavioral monitoring of animals is an essential part of ensuring optimal welfare for an animal. Since the previous giraffe study indicated individual differences in the giraffes’ behavior, one of the focuses of our new research will be on each individual.

posted 12/5/2019 8:28:30 PM

Make Giving Tuesday a Giving Zoo Day!

Giving Tuesday is a global celebration that follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday to shift the focus onto what's important this holiday season: giving back. On Tuesday, December 3, we hope you will consider making a donation to Chicago Zoological Society and Brookfield Zoo. We've got some exciting prizes for those who do.

posted 12/1/2019 2:01:06 PM

CZS & Brookfield Zoo

Since the opening of Brookfield Zoo in 1934, the Chicago Zoological Society has had an international reputation for taking a cutting-edge role in animal care and conservation of the natural world. Learn more about the animals, people, and research that make up CZS here at our blog.

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