Starting March 15, guests will be able to enjoy the Anniversary Ferris Wheel – in celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the opening of the Zoo. Measuring 110’ tall in height, the massive sky wheel rotates over two and a half times per minute and has 24 riding gondolas that sit up to 6 people each, and feature multicolored LED lighting that will illuminate brightly during evening hours and events. The attraction is located just east of the newly landscaped Roosevelt Fountain.

Tickets are $8 per person, $6 for Zoo members, and free to Unlimited-level members and those with redeemable attraction vouchers. Tickets are available to purchase onsite at the Zoo or at the button below.


Please note, riders must be at least 32" tall to ride with a supervising companion, and 42" tall to ride without a supervising companion. The structure and gondolas are not wheelchair accessible. This is a temporary structure that will be onsite through December 31, 2024.
Recommendations: Individuals must have full upper body control unless accompanied by a supervising companion. Do not ride if you:

Have heart concerns, or neck and/or back ailments.
Recently underwent surgery.
• Have motion sickness.
• May be pregnant.
• Are afraid of heights.
The weight limit is 992 pounds per gondola depending on loading procedures.