animal ambassador ADVENTURE

SCHEDULE: Open select days May 3-November 17, 2024 
TIMES: 10:45 AM and 1:45 PM, select dates 
COST: $150 for 1 to 2 participants
LOCATION: Bramsen Pavilion - White Oaks ITW Room

Here is your chance to meet one of our enigmatic and engaging Animal Ambassadors one on one! On this stellar Adventure, you will get up close and observe an animal training or play session with one of the mammals in our Animal Ambassador program; these include prehensile-tailed porcupines, cape porcupines, tamanduas, sloths, and more. You will also learn all about the animal you are meeting from their favorite foods to how we work with them to better engage our guests and visitors and promote leadership conservations. Please note that our sloth encounters are sold out for 2024. 

Please print or bring your Email receipt for entry to your Animal Ambassador Adventure. Zoo admission and parking are NOT included.

Click here for Waiver, FAQs, Map, and Info Brochure



Encounter: Approximately 30 minutes.
Maximum Group Size: Each adventure is limited to two participants. The cost for the Adventure is $150 total for one or two participants. It is the same cost, so you might as well bring a friend!
Age: Participants must be at least 8 years old. A parent or adult guardian must accompany participants under the age of 17. Please ensure you are putting the correct birthdate for each participant. Children under the age of 8 cannot participate in this Adventure. If a participant is not at least 8 years old, they may be refused participation and forfeit their registration fee.
Photos:  Animal Care Staff will advise if and when photos are possible, no flash please. You may be able to take a selfie with the animal you meet!
Meeting Area: An animal care specialist will meet you in front of the White Oaks-ITW Room in Wild Encounters (see map below) at your session time of 10:45 a.m. or 1:45 p.m. Please wait in this area until an animal care specialist meets with you; do not wander away. Your Adventure will start promptly at your registered session time of 11:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. and cannot be extended if you are late.
You must be on time: Since you will be participating with a scheduled enrichment session, this Adventure must start on time. If you are late, the session will proceed without you. Participants that do not show up for their registered session or choose to leave early will not be granted a refund. 
Refund Policy: Refunds are only available 14 calendar days before the program date and there will be a non-refundable 25% deposit for each program. Please be aware that though it is rare, Backstage Adventures can be cancelled by Brookfield Zoo Chicago at any time due to animal welfare, dangerous weather, or staff needs. If your program is cancelled, you will be contacted with as much notice as possible to schedule another date for your adventure.
Safety Precautions: You will be required to wash your hands for the protection of the animals. Any refusal will mean your Adventure cannot proceed.



You will meet the animal care specialist in front of the White Oaks ITW Room near Wild Encounters. They will take you behind the scenes for your private meet and greet. There are many amazing ambassadors, and our care staff will go above and beyond to ensure you get to meet one of these wonderful animals. 

At the end of the Adventure, you will bid the ambassador farewell. The care staff will answer any additional questions you have as they guide you back to the public area of the zoo.

Communication between you and the host care staff is crucial. You must be able to read, speak, and understand English without the use of an interpreter. If you are unable to participate in the program without an interpreter, please call (708) 688-8338.

You must be attentive. Although our animals regularly work with their human caregivers, they are still wild animals and their behavior is unpredictable. It is important that you pay close attention to the guidance and instructions of the animal care specialist you are spending the morning with. Never enter any animal area without direction from the care staff. Always wait for instructions and authorization from the staff before approaching any of the animals while participating in observation, care and enrichment, and feeding sessions. Participants must be able to maneuver within the behind the scenes habitat. Participants must wash their hands before the Adventure begins for the protection of the animal.

All participants are required to complete a signed liability waiver.