Bottlenose Dolphins

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Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins are dark gray on their back, light gray on their flanks and white or pink on their belly. They have a well-defined snout and 18 to 26 teeth on each side of their jaw (72 to 104 total). Their eyes are located right behind the spot where the upper and lower jaw meet. Dolphins have three sets of fins: pectoral flippers, dorsal fin, and tail flukes. Dolphins propel themselves through the water by moving their tail in an up and down motion, unlike fish and sharks that move their tails in a side-to-side motion. Each dolphin has unique markings and coloration on its body and dorsal fin shape, which assists researchers and their care team tell them apart from one another.  You can support our dolphin pod at BZC by adopting them today.