As we celebrate our 90th anniversary as a leader in wildlife care and conservation, Brookfield Zoo and its parent organization, the Chicago Zoological Society, are unveiling a new, unified identity: Brookfield Zoo Chicago. The merging of our conservation science and educational initiatives with an unparalleled Zoo experience marks the first step together in a bold, new transformation that will propel profound contributions in Chicago and around the globe into our next century.

Hear Our Roar! A Message from Dr. Michael J. Adkesson, President and CEO of Brookfield Zoo Chicago and Board of Trustees Chair Cherryl Thomas.


“This evolution isn't just about us; it's about our Chicago communities and the world at large. We invite everyone to join us on this transformative journey, to own a stake in shaping the future of zoological excellence and environmental stewardship together.”  

"Connect. Care. Conserve."
Brookfield Zoo Chicago’s new mantra encapsulates our mission to ignite emotional connections with wildlife that spark conservation action while leading vital programs to protect endangered species. Our 235-acre campus is a living classroom that's home to over 3,500 animals representing more than 500 species. We're committed to fostering connections with nature in new, immersive ways, embracing accessibility and innovation that puts us at the forefront of progressive, compassionate zoological care and cutting-edge research and conservation.

Brand Emblems
Brookfield Zoo Chicago's emblematic transformation signifies not just a change of symbol but a resolute commitment to wildlife conservation. The unveiling of our new logo mark, featuring two lions facing each other—one symbolizing our rich past and the other, our forward-looking vision—pays homage to the historic stone lion statues adorning our entrances and promenades. Additional Brookfield Zoo Chicago emblems featuring animal iconography recognize specific significance in the Zoo’s conservation efforts.


As we look toward our 100th anniversary in 2034, Brookfield Zoo Chicago is embarking on a groundbreaking, ambitious Next Century Plan to achieve our vision. Leveraging 90 years of success and commitment to wildlife conservation, we're working to meet the urgent need to elevate conservation efforts and research as animal populations are decimated because of biodiversity loss and climate change. The plan will transform the Brookfield Zoo Chicago campus, introducing dynamic animal habitats and updated facilities and elevating standards of animal care. With a focus on accessibility and interactive learning experiences, the Zoo aims to be a vibrant educational hub while retaining its status as a beloved family destination for creating everlasting memories. The plan also solidifies Brookfield Zoo Chicago’s role as a leader in global wildlife conservation.

The Next Century Plan for Brookfield Zoo Chicago is anchored by seven commitments: 

Champion Excellence and Leadership in Animal Care and Wellness: The Zoo will lead with unparalleled commitment to animal care excellence and conservation, shaping the future of zoological care through transformative development. 
Revolutionize and Expand Animal Habitats and Spaces: The Zoo will pioneer innovative animal habitats and spaces, embracing opportunities to optimize the well-being and natural behaviors of diverse species. 
Transform the Guest Experience and Elevate a Zoo For All: The Zoo will expand the guest experience, fostering inclusivity and empathy through personalized wildlife encounters in a modern and accessible environment at Brookfield Zoo Chicago. 
Extend Community and Environmental Education Impact: The Zoo will inspire the next generation of conservation advocates by expanding its educational reach, fostering connections with nature, and bridging the gap between individuals and the natural world. 
Expand Contributions in Conservation Science and Research: The Zoo will continue its leadership in conservation science, spearheading global projects and advocacy efforts to protect wildlife and wild places. 
Reinvigorate Existing Zoo Facilities and Assets: The Zoo will breathe new life into its facilities, preserving architectural heritage while embracing innovation to showcase sustainable practices and create economic opportunities; and  
Harness Collective Power of Staff and Supporters: Recognizing the strength in unity, the Zoo will empower its workforce, volunteers, and stakeholders to drive impactful change and ensure continued success in its mission.

‚ÄčTo read more regarding the future of Brookfield Zoo Chicago, please view our complete Next Century Commitments.


Reimagining and Reinvigorating the Zoo Experience For All

Opening in Spring 2025, the new $66 million Tropical Forests habitat will offer the first peek at the big things to come at Brookfield Zoo Chicago. The nearly three acres of outdoor space will feature dynamic environments, providing wildlife increased variety and choice. Guests will have direct views into the Gorilla Conservation Center with a state-of-the-art learning space area for the public. Additionally, the expansion includes a dedicated home for the King Conservation Leadership Academy, the Zoo’s flagship youth program for science learning that provides skills and learning for career and college readiness.

It's the first phase in our goal to provide the animals in our care with the most modern and enriching environments and engage more guests with greater accessibility to the wonders of wildlife.


We look forward to welcoming you to Brookfield Zoo Chicago. Visit or become a member today!