AIP Course Descriptions

Advanced Inquiry Program master’s students complete two types of graduate courses for their Miami University degree: Web+ Courses and Core Courses. All courses are taught online by Miami University instructors.

Web+ Courses combine online course instruction from Miami University with the excitement of internships, field study, and experiential learning in person at Brookfield Zoo Chicago and other real-life locales across Chicagoland. Read more about these courses, listed below.

Core Courses are entirely online and promote learning interactions nationwide while providing a common foundation for all students across the master’s degree program. The Core Courses also support graduation requirements, including leadership challenges and writing for a professional audience. Click here to read more about these courses. 

AIP master’s candidates also have the unique option to integrate once-in-a-lifetime international field study into their coursework by choosing from Earth Expeditions courses in Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas (7 credits from Earth Expeditions courses can count toward the AIP master’s degree).

Web+ Courses

Animal Behavior & Conservation: Carnivores

Animal Behavior & Conservation: Dolphins

Climate Change

Environmental Stewardship in my Community

Foundations of Inquiry

Independent Study


Great Lakes Ecosystems

Master Plan in Action

Book Discussion: Ishmael & Collapse

Book Discussion: The Insect Crisis

Biodiversity of Northern Illinois

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