Dr. Sathya Chinnadurai

Senior Vice President of Animal Health, Welfare & Science

Dr. Sathya Chinnadurai leads the Animal Health, Welfare & Science group, which includes veterinary services and clinical operations, the conservation medicine program, the welfare and conservation science program, and nutrition services. This multi-departmental group oversees the healthcare and nutrition of all the animals at Brookfield Zoo Chicago and is a nationally-recognized leader in welfare, conservation, and veterinary research.

Dr. Chinnadurai obtained his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Missouri, where he also completed a Master’s degree in wildlife sciences. He is a board-certified specialist in both zoological medicine and veterinary anesthesiology, following the completion of successive residency training programs in both fields at the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. In 2018, Dr. Chinnadurai completed the requirements to also become a board-certified diplomate of the American College of Animal Welfare. He is an associate editor for the anesthesia section of the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine and is a prolific scientific author. For the past several years Dr. Chinnadurai has also served as a member of the Morris Animal Foundation Wildlife Scientific Advisory Board and the Animal Welfare Committee of the American Veterinary Medical Association, as well as representing the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians on the AVMA House Advisory Panel. He is a prolific researcher, writer, educator, and mentor.